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Oktober 2021
Magie der Weihnacht
November 2021
Handmade Tannenkränze
Dezember 2021
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Phal. Sus Bellicosa Pink

Phal. Sus Bellicosa Pink
39.95 EUR
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Cattleya, Brassocattleya, Laelia

Cattleya, Brassocattleya, Laelia
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    Product Name+   Price 
B. Amethyst
 B. Amethyst   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Bealah Brabeen
 Bc. Bealah Brabeen   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Duhs White Pepper Pig
 Bc. Duhs White Pepper Pig   24.95 EUR 
Bc. Golf Green Hairy Pig
 Bc. Golf Green Hairy Pig   24.95 EUR 
Bc. Jairak Kiku
 Bc. Jairak Kiku   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Keowee Vi Galaxy
 Bc. Keowee Vi Galaxy   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Maikai Louise AM/AOS
 Bc. Maikai Louise AM/AOS   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Taiwan Big Lip
 Bc. Taiwan Big Lip   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Yu Toung Star Big Lip
 Bc. Yu Toung Star Big Lip   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Yu Toung Star Big Tongue
 Bc. Yu Toung Star Big Tongue   19.95 EUR 
Bc. Yu Toung Star No. 1
 Bc. Yu Toung Star No. 1   19.95 EUR 
Bct. Taiwan Mermaid
 Bct. Taiwan Mermaid   19.95 EUR 
Blc. Chian Tzy Anierina CT Little Jolie
 Blc. Chian Tzy Anierina CT Little Jolie   24.95 EUR 
Blc. Chinese Beauty
 Blc. Chinese Beauty   19.95 EUR 
Blc. Chun Fong Queen
 Blc. Chun Fong Queen   39.95 EUR 
Blc. Hippodamia
 Blc. Hippodamia   9.95 EUR 
Blc. Liu's Joyance
 Blc. Liu's Joyance   19.95 EUR 
Blc. Louis McNeil Ace
 Blc. Louis McNeil Ace   24.95 EUR 
Blc. Mem. Helen Brown Green Apple
 Blc. Mem. Helen Brown Green Apple   29.95 EUR 
Blc. Nell Hammer
 Blc. Nell Hammer   24.95 EUR 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 126 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
1) Preisangabe inklusive Umsatzsteuer zuzüglich Versandkosten, eventueller Nachnahmegebühr und eventuellem Mindermengenzuschlag.
2) Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab.
Our specials of the month August
D. Aussies Sweetness x taipiniense
 D. Aussies Sweetness x taipiniense   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
D. Nancy Fairfax x Aussies Tapestry
 D. Nancy Fairfax x Aussies Tapestry   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
Paph. Belle Luxe
 Paph. Belle Luxe   14.95 EUR  12.95 EUR 
Paph. exul x rothschildianum
 Paph. exul x rothschildianum   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Phal. Jennifer Palermo
 Phal. Jennifer Palermo   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu
 Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Phal. tetraspis x virides
 Phal. tetraspis x virides   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Phal. Yaphon Green Canary x Lds Bear King
 Phal. Yaphon Green Canary x Lds Bear King   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
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01.Cattleya dowiana aurea
02.Bc. Golf Green Hairy Pig
03.Recchara. Frances Fox
04.Cattleya Brabantiae 'Banderantes'
05.Laelia pumila
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Phal. tetraspis x virides

Phal. tetraspis x virides
14.95 EUR
7.95 EUR
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Very beautiful plants sended very quickly with precaution and never damage Package Good quality healthy and big Always s ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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Cleisostoma arietinum
Mature plant for a miniature, branching. ..
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