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Oktober 2021
Magie der Weihnacht
November 2021
Handmade Tannenkränze
Dezember 2021
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Vanda coerulescens Pink

Vanda coerulescens Pink
9.95 EUR
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Cattleya, Brassocattleya, Laelia

Cattleya, Brassocattleya, Laelia
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    Product Name-   Price 
Slc. Jillico x La. cinnabarina
 Slc. Jillico x La. cinnabarina   9.95 EUR 
Slc. Cosmic Delight
 Slc. Cosmic Delight   19.95 EUR 
Sl. Psyche 'China'
 Sl. Psyche 'China'   9.95 EUR 
Sc. Crystelle Smith N.R. HCC/AOS
 Sc. Crystelle Smith N.R. HCC/AOS   19.95 EUR 
Rth. Siam Fancy Mighty Wing
 Rth. Siam Fancy Mighty Wing   29.95 EUR 
Rth. Robert Strait Tzeng Wen Lace
 Rth. Robert Strait Tzeng Wen Lace   19.95 EUR 
Rth. Budai Win Eyes AM/AOS
 Rth. Budai Win Eyes AM/AOS   19.95 EUR 
Rsc. Village Chief North 'Green Genius'
 Rsc. Village Chief North 'Green Genius'   19.95 EUR 
Rlc. Yuan Dung Python
 Rlc. Yuan Dung Python   12.95 EUR 
Rlc. Yingluck Smile Red Line
 Rlc. Yingluck Smile Red Line   24.95 EUR 
Rlc. Yingluck Smile New Day
 Rlc. Yingluck Smile New Day   24.95 EUR 
Rlc. Yingluck Smile Heart of Gold
 Rlc. Yingluck Smile Heart of Gold   29.95 EUR 
Rlc. Waianae Leopard
 Rlc. Waianae Leopard   19.95 EUR 
Rlc. Village Chief Rose
 Rlc. Village Chief Rose   19.95 EUR 
Rlc. Thong Supan
 Rlc. Thong Supan   19.95 EUR 
Rlc. Thaksina Pink
 Rlc. Thaksina Pink   29.95 EUR 
Rlc. Thaksina Gold
 Rlc. Thaksina Gold   24.95 EUR 
Rlc. Taiwan Good Life
 Rlc. Taiwan Good Life   24.95 EUR 
Rlc. Taiwan Chief Wine Van Gogh
 Rlc. Taiwan Chief Wine Van Gogh   19.95 EUR 
Rlc. Taiwan Chief Bell Wish
 Rlc. Taiwan Chief Bell Wish   19.95 EUR 
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 123 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
1) Preisangabe inklusive Umsatzsteuer zuzüglich Versandkosten, eventueller Nachnahmegebühr und eventuellem Mindermengenzuschlag.
2) Blühstark bedeutet, dass die Pflanze grundsätzlich blühfähig ist. Wann die Pflanze blüht, hängt von der Blütezeit der Pflanze ab.
Our specials of the month September
D. Aussies Sweetness x taipiniense
 D. Aussies Sweetness x taipiniense   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
D. Nancy Fairfax x Aussies Tapestry
 D. Nancy Fairfax x Aussies Tapestry   9.95 EUR  5.00 EUR 
Paph. Belle Luxe
 Paph. Belle Luxe   14.95 EUR  12.95 EUR 
Paph. exul x rothschildianum
 Paph. exul x rothschildianum   14.95 EUR  9.95 EUR 
Phal. Jennifer Palermo
 Phal. Jennifer Palermo   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu
 Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
Phal. tetraspis x virides
 Phal. tetraspis x virides   14.95 EUR  7.95 EUR 
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01.Cattleya dowiana aurea
02.Bc. Golf Green Hairy Pig
03.Recchara. Frances Fox
04.Cattleya Brabantiae 'Banderantes'
05.Laelia pumila
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Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu

Phal. tetraspis x violacea Magenta Wu
14.95 EUR
7.95 EUR
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Thanks for good and healthy plants. Recommending this nursery. ..
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Epidendrum ciliare
Las Plantas de buena calidad y muy buen embalaje para el tra ..
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